Friday, November 21, 2008

Fancy, schmancy

Last week, we received a rendering of the new 12-story building set to rise on Corlear Avenue, between West 230th and West 231st streets. Known as the Sycamore Court Apartments, the building will house "middle of the road" apartments, according to the developer, as well as retail and office space on the ground floor. Plans also call for 105 parking spaces.
Ground has not yet been broken on the site, but the developer said construction will likely take between 18 to 24 months.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of buildings, one Riverdale Co-op may be "changing it's tune." Seems that the board has hit a sour note in regards to the occuption of a prospective buyer by restricting their approval.

Turns out that the buyer's occupation falls into what is called "protective category" status under the New York City Fair Housing Law. In other words,the co-op board cannot place conditions on the applicant's tenancy.

Sources say that board members and tenants better have deep pockets.
Disgruntled parties involved are preparing for a lawsuit that could bankrupt the tone deaf gatekeepers.

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