Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Horace Mann closing due to flu concerns

The Horace Mann School in Riverdale will close for the remainder of the week due to flu fears, as of this afternoon.
This morning the school sent an e-mail out to parents and students, saying that the closure was due to “an unusually-high number of student absences, the majority of which have been related to flu-like symptoms, including several confirmed cases of Influenza A, but not Swine Flu.”
The decision to close all the school’s divisions was made in consultation with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the e-mail says. Right now, the plan is to reopen Tuesday, May 26.
Afternoon and evening activities run by the school are canceled today.


Anonymous said...

La Gripa Porcina!!!

I'm surprised they didn't use the politically correct term for the illness: H1N1

Eva Lana said...

talk about timing: I was blogging about the value of instantaneous communication under a different heading (PS 24 - Principal fired)& its connection to the flu epidemic only a few hours before the Horace Mann closing was announced. I feel that schools need to centralize information and open the lines of communication immediately due to this public health crisis. there may be immuno-compromised individuals at the school who are at high risk if they contract anything. rampant infection also leads to more resistant strains, like the one that killed the assistant principal in queens. the front cover of today's NY Times reads: "AS SCHOOLS CLOSE BECAUSE OF FLU, NO GUIDANCE ON HOW TO REIN IT IN". the CDC (center for disease control) is being inconsistent and their flu website makes NO mention of schools, so this may be hitting them out of left field.in truth, it takes alot to halt the progress of an infectious disease once it hits institutions like schools. in china, effective measures were taken to limit an epidemic, but our culture is not used to such extreme measures. unfortunately viruses are not culturally constructed. i hope the new principal at ps 24 is ready for this crisis- but until i see steps taken, i am leaning towards home school (which of course doesn't really solve the problem because kids have playdates). for one of the few times in my life, i feel at a loss and the lack of communication coupled with the failure to enforce known measures for limiting contagion (eg, surgical masks- suggested by experts in today's NY Times)makes me think that the DOE is either overhwhelmed or in denial. either way, our children should be spared. what is to be done? waiting for leadership may be naive at this moment.

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