Thursday, August 5, 2010

Espada update

The Riverdale Press has obtained a copy of the letter that Gustavo Rivera's campaign says is being sent to the state Senate candidate's supporters in the 33rd District.

The letter, which is headlined "NOTICE OF LEGAL INFORMATION WARNING," has been received by people who signed petitions to get Rivera on the primary ballot to face off against state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. in the fall, Horacio Gutierrez, Rivera's campaign strategist said.

Those receiving the letters are asked if they signed a petition for Rivera, and if not, they are urged to call the Ballot Integrity Unit of the Concerned Citizens for Good Government. The number given to call is a cell phone number and a quick search of the Web shows no sign of the group.

At the bottom it says for the letters are being paid for by New Yorkers for Espada.

A spokesman for the Espada camp refused to comment on the letters.

If you know anything about the letters, if you've received one or if you know anything about the Concerned Citizens, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

i don't live in the district, but a friend who does got one of these letters. (he was none too happy about it either.) when i called the number, they answered the phone, "New Yorkers for Espada" so i guess it's another number at his campaign HQ...?

Anonymous said...

Let's not talk about that bogeyman Esapada for a couple of minutes. Let's talk about the 50th Precinct and how it no longer even has a human-type officer answering the phone anymore. Let's also talk about what it takes to get the 50th Precinct to respond to a call, since the 50th Precinct has never, ever responded to one of my calls, even one involving assault. Maybe that's why your paper screamed that crime is reportedly down in Riverdale: Any crime that is not reported or followed up on is not a crime.

I loved the Riverdale Press's recent headline to the effect that crime is down in the neighborhood, but murder and rape are up. So let's see, if you're dead, you don't matter anymore, so you're not the victim of a crime. If you get raped, that doesn't matter because you, the victim, are most likely a woman, and women don't matter. It's still open season on women.

I laugh at your paper and the 50th Precinct. Why are we pampering a bunch of cops who waddle around in padding, with guns, batons, and anything else it takes to protect them but harm us.

Crime is not down in this precinct. In fact, I recently described my housing complex as a "Marrakech bazaar of drug dealers."

Why are we paying people to sit around and not respond to calls? Why are we paying them to insult us? Why are you wording your headlines and articles in ways to protect the 50th Precinct?

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous at 12:16AM and anyone else reading this,

If you or anyone you know has been contacted by Espada and/or his people, please call the Rivera campaign at 646-450-5429.

To ironically quote Mr. Espada, “The actions of these paid thugs bordered on criminal harassment.They serve one purpose – to disrupt and cause chaos. I will not be intimidated.”

True concerned Citizen for HONEST and good government.

Also, please help by donating to Rivera's legal fund and help fend off Espada's lawyers (who have been making all sorts of frivolous claims on top of the numerous subpoenas they've been serving).

Betty Ford said...

The 50th Precinct was always referred to as "the country club" of police precincts. Many of the police officers - quite a few of them - in that precinct are card carrying members of the country club. They do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Save for talking on their cell phone while they drive squad cars.

Courtesy? Professionalism? Respect?

I think the Village Voice needs to jump all over this story.

Anonymous said...

The 50th Precinct will not respond to any calls from your home unless you are being raped and/or murdered, so it makes sense that overall crime went down, but murder and rapes went up. The ass hats aren't reporting any other crimes because THEY AREN'T SHOWING UP to write up the complaints that would record the crimes that would be compiled with the stats for COMPSTAT.

They are such jerks.

Anonymous said...

Marzetta Harris, Espada's Director of Outreach, threatened to get "hoods from the 33rd" to beat up one of Rivera's staffers at the Board of Elections. Very classy, Ms. Harris. Just another example of the kind of people Espada employs. Can't wait to finally get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Adriano Espada? Pedro Espaillat?

Anonymous said...

The Honorable Padriano Espaillada,
Member, New York State Legislature

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